Hello! I am currently a 1st year M.S. student at The Pennsylvania State University with a focus in igneous petrology working with Dr. Maureen Feineman and Dr. Peter LaFemina. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in General Geology from the University of Texas at Austin and participated as a NSF-REU researcher with the Keck Geology Consortium, an undergraduate research assistant, and an intern at the Texas Railroad Commission Groundwater Advisory Unit.

Throughout high school, I was part of GeoFORCE Texas which encouraged me to pursue geology in college and I have been able to discover my passion within the Geosciences by working on igneous petrology projects with Dr. James Gardner at UT Austin, Dr. Cameron Davidson at Carleton College and Dr. John Garver at Union College. I have previously used Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and LA-ICPMS techniques for my research and I have published a paper within the Keck Geology Consortium Volume (Crystallization Ages and Geochemistry of the Miners Bay and Cedar Bay Plutons, Prince William Sound, Alaska).